Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"God made lions sound like this..."

We have started our third week of therapy. Groups have changed this week, I am with Catherine and Meghann doing language classes with Marja. We are trying to incorporate language enrichment time with every single baby at the Haven. In order to do so we split up into different rooms and lead language enrichment activities to groups of babies in Haven’s 1 and 3.
This week we have continued with the animal theme, but we are working on discriminating between animals and matching the animals at Haven 2. We have also incorporated a few other items (banana and apples) into our lessons. When working in the rooms at Havens 1 and 3 the activities vary because of the different ages. Typically, we will sing songs repeatedly (it's crucial!), introduce animals, and/or read books.

The kids from Haven 3 at "recess"

We still do a structured language class in Haven 2 (the toddlers) as well as with the older babies in Haven 1. To answer some of your questions, yes more patience is needed while doing the language classes because of the language barrier and the kids lack of familiarity with us. We are trying to get the aunties more involved so they can help us with the kids and this also allows us to teach/show the aunties how to continue with the language enriching activities when we have to leave the mission (sad day!).
This week we have already heard a couple of toddlers from Haven 2 increase their expressive and receptive language skills. We are hearing/seeing lots of imitations and babbling from Haven 1.

Ethel (Haven 2) is a "Chatty-Kathy" this week

Peter (Haven 1) styling in his 80's wind-suit jacket

Typically, Catherine and I walk to the Haven every morning in order to wake ourselves up a little. Well, today we ALL got to enjoy a nice a little (25 minute) walk to the Haven because D.T. took the Khaki Jackie to pick up Mrs. Tullos from the airport.

This is the road that we walk to and from the Haven

Tomorrow is Ian’s 13th birthday. We are planning to go to Jordan’s Rock and have a mini cook-out with hot dogs and smores to celebrate. We are SUPER excited (maybe even more than mini D.T.)!!



  1. Glad yall are getting to incorporate other language stuff with the animals. Glad you are getting more spontaneous speech and they are getting chatty. Tell Ian Happy Birthday for me! Smores sound really good!

  2. Happy Birthday Ian!! That's awesome about the animals! I bet it feels a lot like TLC! So exciting about the babbling and increasing their expressive language! I love the pictures, those babies look precious!! Miss you all!!

  3. Glad that animals are being incorporated into the language enrichment classes. What animals are the children learning about? I'm glad to hear that the children are imitating more. I have been working with several children and I think when they make the smallest progression in therapy, I get more excited. I Love this major!! Happy Birthday Ian, I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!!!! :)

  4. Happy birthday Ian I miss you! I love hearing about the improvement with all of the children. It is so important to both the children and all of us. I have seen some great improvement in our dysphagia patients, and it is incredible.

  5. Happy Birthday Ian!!! I'm glad all the children are making improvements in the right directions. It seems you all are learning alot and are enjoying your time there.

  6. Happy belated b-day Ian! Hope it was great. I am loving the pictures. I wish I was there to enjoy all the kids! How long does it take for the majority of the children to start babbling these words or to understand the meaning of them? I really hope the aunties carry over these activities and techniques once you leave. How is your relationship with them? Do they interact with you a lot or are they more stand-offish?

  7. That's nice that you all get to work with others now. It keeps things interesting! I'm excited to see how everyone enjoys the cookout you are going to have for Ian. Have fun!