Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Duck is 1, Ducks are 2. What do they say when they talk to you?"

Overall, we see 13 infants for feeding/swallowing treatment. We see seven infants at Haven 3 (the medically at risk fragile babies) and six infants at Haven 2. Most of these babies are performing at least four months below their chronological age. Today at the Haven the feeding/swallowing group continued to work on improving the infant’s fine and gross motor skills in order to strengthen the babies’ muscles for feeding. We continued with the Beckman exercises, C-stretch, and the Z-vibe, which all have positive effects on the babies’ intake of nutrients. Whenever we do the above exercises it lessens the likelihood of any anterior liquid loss from the infants. Our little man Choowle was thriving today, he was able to roll over and sit up for a good three minutes on his own. Bennett was able to roll over and sit up on his own as well. Darcie and Tegan were babbling and sitting up throughout the majority of the hour, except when we were trying to get them to crawl; which was unsuccessful today, but we'll keep trying!

My precious girls Darcie and Tegan

Megan finally took to sucking on a pacifier, thanks to Catherine! Hamilton is improving every day and he is even fitting in his clothes now!

Baby Hamilton

Apparently feeding/swallowing therapy is exhausting to some of the infants...

Lushomo passed out!

The language class has the other babies at the Haven improving as well. We are hearing a lot more imitations from the kids and are able to ellicit verbal responses from a few. It is only the beginning of week two at the Haven and we have already seen so much progress. I can NOT wait to see what happens over the next two weeks with the infants!



  1. I'm glad yall are seeing improvements already. Hope you continue to. You know once you get those kids to talking you'll never get them to be quiet! LOL JK I know it's a good thing...feeding is always exhausting..or not so much the feeding just the food and being full I always want a nap after lunch!

  2. Hearing about all those improvements is just great and I LOVE all those photos!!! I know those oral motor/swallowing exercises wear out my adults and make me yawn LOL!!! I cannot wait to hear about what happens over the next two weeks with the infants!

  3. That's awesome--I know you girls are so excited to see progress! You guys are helping those sweet babies so much and it's so great!! I love the pictures with the posts is gives us a better picture of what is going on! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Progress and improvement is what makes being a speech pathologist so worth it. I'm glad that you are allable to help enrich the lives of these babies. The pictures are great by the way! Keep up the good work!!!

  5. It's so good to hear the progress you have made during this experience. I know it would be much harder working on these exercises with these kids than the older adults that are at my offsite. What types of things do you use for reinforcement during therapy with the infants? Are you going to be teaching the Aunties to use these techniques once you leave? I know they already have so much to do with all these kids already. So glad you are seeing improvements with the kids in such a short time! Miss you guys!

  6. It looks like those babies are very tired from all the wonderful therapy they are receiving! Can you explain the C-stretch and the z-vibe? I'm happy to hear about all the therapy you are doing!

  7. I know that I posted on this blog before, but Tell us more about the C-stretch and the Z-vibe? Love the pictures.